you are missing from me

{behind the story}

this film saved my life.
— Stefano Da Frè

Behind the story

One of the best pieces of advice I received was from Academy-Award winner Ang Lee, on the set of 'Taking Woodstock.'

One day, we were discussing a pivotal scene in the film and he smiled and said, "There are two traits most important to cinema: openness and vulnerability."

"Tu Me Manques" is more than just a film about three women; it's a retrospective on loss, isolation, and ultimately, as in life - hope.

The experience of working on this piece took place when I was starting treatments for a rare type of arthritis.

I was going through my own patterns of loss and isolation;

always scared.


But I knew my passion for this story was an instinct even stronger than fear:

If I can be brutally honest: this film saved my life. 


a faithful reminder of just how resilient the human spirit is.

I think that in this new age of shared values, all of us are creative beings, interdependent on each other.

At the same time, we neglect the appreciation for suffering and grief. By virtue of a new age notion, we're expected to always be in a state of "happiness."

I love movies and art that explore the relationship between being a co-creater of your own life and also the inevitability of suffering. This is the ultimate link to feeling what it's like to be human.

And that's worthy.

|Per i miei Nonni: Antonio & Maria Da Frè|

Love, stefano